Now more than ever, motorists are increasingly aware of environmental issues. Whilst there are now a number of alternative fuels available, there are over 1400 LPG refuelling stations throughout the UK making LPG the most practical way to reduce harmful emissions and at around half the price of petrol, it will significantly lower your motoring cost.


The process of LPG conversion can be completed on most petrol engine cars, and filling up is just as easy as petrol and diesel, although assistance is always available if required at our refuelling sites in Aberystwyth, Anglesey & Deeside.


For a fleet of vehicles with completed LPG conversion, users may find it more convenient to have their own refuelling facility, in which case CamGas can arrange to supply a system suitable for your needs.


For a list of approved LPG conversion installers and more information on the benefits of LPG for your vehicle contact Drive LPG or visit their website at


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