In Case of Emergency

Please carry out these instructions in the unlikely event of one of the following occurring:

In the Event of a Gas Leak

A suspected gas leak may be indicated by SMELL, FROST ON THE PIPE, MISTING OF AIR AROUND LEAKAGE POINT.


In the event of a GAS LEAK or SUSPECTED GAS LEAK


Extinguish all naked flames and ignition sources.


Turn off all gas appliances.


Do not switch on or off any electrical equipment.
Turn off the gas supply at the tank service valve.


If the leak is indoors, turn off the gas at the emergency control valve outside the building, open doors and windows to increase ventilation.


NOTE: If it is established that the source of the leak is beyond the customer emergency control valve (inside the premises) having made safe by following the above instructions contact your local heating engineer to carry out necessary repairs.

In the Event of a Fire

The emergency services should be called immediately and should be informed that an LPG vessel is in the vicinity of the premises.


The gas supply should be turned off, only if practicable.

In the Case of a Gas Run Out
Check the content gauge


If the gauge indicates that there is still gas in the tank, turn off all appliances then check and reset the Under pressure shut off (upso) switch (if fitted) on the 2nd stage regulator, and relight pilot lights.


If having carried out the above, your supply cannot be resumed. Turn off your gas supply at the emergency control valve.


Emergency Telephone: 01244 520551



To reset the under pressure shut off, unscrew the plastic cap and pull the spindle out. A slight hiss should be heard as gas flow is resumed and the spindle should remain in the outward position.

Please note: regulator models may vary and in some cases mey be situated on the building.


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