CamGas go high tech to improve customer service

Following successful trials throughout 2014, CamGas are now able to offer four cylinder bank consumers an automated, trouble free delivery service, without the need for you to ring, order or even look at the cylinders.

This system is ideal for elderly, disabled and vulnerable customers or those that live in remote and rural areas who are unable to check their cylinders, holiday homes where you’re not always present or those who simply want to forget about their fuel supply as they would with a traditional mains gas system.

A discreet telemetry unit is connected to a changeover valve that sends a message back to CamGas when your first two cylinders run out and we will then arrange a new gas delivery. In the meantime the valve automatically changes over to the other two cylinders to provide a continuous supply meaning that you never need to worry about running out of gas. In short, you don’t have to do anything, CamGas does it all.

Our telemetry system supports our ongoing commitment to ensuring we deliver on time, every time to keep our customers warm and happy all year round.

If you would like to discover more about our telemetry system please call and speak to one of the CamGas team on 01244 520551, who will be happy to help.

CamGas reduce LP Gas prices by up to 15%

CamGas are proud to report that since April 2014 we have saved our customers even more money on their LP Gas by reducing our prices by up to 15%, surpassing the UK energy supplier’s average saving of 3-5%.

As worldwide oil prices fell, LP Gas wholesale prices followed suit, this drop enabled CamGas to pass on savings directly onto our customers. At CamGas we pride ourselves on putting the customer first by providing a reliable, efficient and fair service with affordable products which is why we volunteer reductions throughout the year to ensure that our customers are always receiving the best, most cost effective price for their LP Gas.

Loyal customers are never at a disadvantage with CamGas, we apply our pricing structure across the board. We believe our long term customers should get just as good a deal as any new customers.

If the price you are currently paying from your LPG supplier hasn’t reduced over the past year why not get in touch with CamGas to find out how much you could save. Call us on 01244 520 551.

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